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How to get the Dita Von Teese look

For the Face

Apply ARTDECO Makeup Base to create a smooth base for your foundation….. then apply very lightly the Mineral Fluid Foundation .

Add a touch of Mineral Fluid Concealer in Pastel Vanilla under the eyes, on the cheekbones and central forehead and down the bridge of the nose for some added luminosity.

Because everything has to be extra-matte, don’t be scared to go heavier on the powder……….. Use the new Compact Powder no. 1 Face Fatale

artdeco eyeshadow base for eyehsadow staying power

For the Eyes

Apply ARTDECO Eyeshadow Base  all over the eyelid.

Then for glamorous eyes  begin with blending Matt Eyeshadow no. 554 in Petticoat all over the mobile eyelid and highlight the brow bone with the same shade leaving the crease bare. Next emphasize the crease with Matt Eyeshadow no. 520 in Brunesque 

For a very dramatic look,  apply Glamour eyeshadow in 300 – Night Porter in the crease with a very defined line drawn just where the lid meets the crease.

Blend well

For EXTRA glamour in the evening, the final touch is to use a Glamour eyeshadow No.374 Gilded Lily at the browbone.

Apply the Gel Eyeliner in Nocturnelle with the new Eyeliner Brush along the top lash-line, winged out in a thick flick for a cat’s eye effect.

Dita’s Top Tip For the perfect Eyeliner Application -

“To perfect the art of creating this look, it takes patience, a steady hand and practice!

Look down into your mirror until you have an clear view of your eyelid.

Start with a thin line at the inside corner, slowly working your way to the outside corner, taking care not to draw the line too thick just yet.

I like to start creating the shape while keeping a thin line until I decide how thick I want it to be. I go back and forth slowly working on one eye and then the other, noticing where I need to draw more thickly to make the shapes match each other.

I check the eyeliner from different angles with a hand mirror until I feel they are a close match.

Practice makes perfect! Even when I don’t wear my eyeliner for a few days, I lose my technique, so keep at it!”Dita Von Teese False Eyelashes

Complete the look with the Dita Eyelashes …………..and an application of Art Couture Lash Volumizer 

For the Lips

Start with a precise contour using the Dita Von Teese Lip Liner No.10 this is an extremely long-lasting, highly pigmented lipliner which prevents the lipstick from bleeding.

Next Apply the Art Couture Lipstick in No.615 Muse Red, blot and reapply for amazing staying power. These lipsticks provide a velvety smooth finish, with unbeatable colour depth and glamour.Dita Von Teese Red nail polish Lipstick and Lip Lacquer


“Classic red lips are always the height of glamour, and the most chic beauty statement a woman can make!” Dita Von Teese


Intensify the lipstick with a touch of Lip Lacquer No.28 in Chinois This adds extra shine and Glamour!


I love the look of patent-leather shine on my lips, so sometimes after applying a red such as “Muse Red”, I will add a touch of “Chinois” Lip Lacquer in the center of my lips, taking care to stay away from the edges.” Dita Von Teesedita von teese blusher

 For the Cheeks

Apply a touch of Blusher No.9 Ingenue just under the cheek bones to enhance them and give a fresh look. 


All the Eyeshadow and Blushers in the Classics Collections have a magnetic backing so they can be easily stored in the Dita Von Teese Magnetic Beauty Box, which is a fantastic way to customise your own palette!

For the Nails

The classic half moon is Dita’s trade mark manicure. Apply the Nail Lacquer No. 180 in Moonlight and let is dry briefly. Next adhere French Manicure templates to the bottom of the nails and apply a layer of the Nail Lacquer No.10 in Dragon Lady Red. Seal in with a Top Coat.

“In the 1930s and 40s, leaving the half moon natural was the epitome of beauty and elegance. It’s a little-known retro detail that I’ve been wearing on my nails for many years, and it has now become modern and chic.” Dita Von Teese


This is how to Get the Dita Von Teese Look using just a small collection of the Classic Collection Make up range. She creates many different variations with this line and its fun to play with the different products to produce a look like this glamorous icon!

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